Events Waitangi Day with Tuatara at The Quarryman’s Hotel (NSW)

Waitangi Day with Tuatara at The Quarryman’s Hotel (NSW)
12pm 4 Feb, 2017 to 11pm 6 Feb, 2017

If kiwi beers and kiwi burgers are what you’re craving on New Zealand’s national day, head to The Quarryman’s Hotel which is putting on both over a long weekend. 

From February 4–6, the Pyrmont pub will be featuring the beers of Kapiti’s much-loved Tuatara brewery and the Q kitchen will be serving up a New Zealand burger (read as an already hearty one that's boosted with the addition of pineapple and egg and makes more sense when you eat it). 

The beers locked in thus far are: 

  • Wilder Brew Pale Ale
  • Helluva Lager
  • Kapai APA
  • Weiz Guy Hefeweizen
  • Amarillo Dark Ale

Kegs will be tapped around midday on Saturday February 4 and will be on over the weekend (or for as long as they last). 

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FB Propak B


Atomic Mango Sour- C
FB Propak B
Bright Lager