Burgers & Baird Beer at The Quarryman's Hotel (NSW)

Sat 11 Feb 12:00pm to 12 Feb

Burgers & Baird Beer at The Quarryman's Hotel (NSW)

If you needed an excuse to try the beers from Baird Beer, would Japan’s National Foundation Day provide sufficient impetus? 

If so, make your way to The Quarryman’s Hotel where they’ll be observing the Japanese national holiday with a suitably humble homage to the country’s fare. It’ll be less flag waving and more glass raising as they pair a handful of Bryan Baird’s beers with some Japanese dishes, as follows: 

The beer

  • Namazu Lager
  • Tohoku Wet Hop IPA
  • The Carpenter's Mikan Ale (citrus/fruit beer)

The food

  • Ebi burger
  • Teriyaki chicken burger
  • Karaage chicken

Kegs will be tapped from around midday. 

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