On The Bend, On The Mend at 3 Ravens (VIC)

Sun 2 Apr 12:00pm

On The Bend, On The Mend at 3 Ravens (VIC)

Coffee. Beer. Coffee beer. Beer coffee? However you have it, 3 Ravens has you well and truly covered as they host On The Bend, On The Mend, a festival dedicated to local brewers and coffee roasters. 

Six of each will be descending on the brewery on April 2 to launch collaborative beers and host workshops while there'll live music and even a raclette cheese bar.  

The idea of the day is to bring together the shared language of the two beverages – the fruit, the acid and the funk – and show them off in all manner of interesting ways; drop a shot of cold brew in a beer; go boilermaker style or try something left field like a cascara Berliner Weisse.

The producers featuring will be:


  • 3 Ravens 
  • Tallboy & Moose
  • Sailors Grave 
  • Hop Nation
  • Blackman's Brewery
  • Temple Brewing


  • Aviary Coffee
  • Small Batch
  • Cartel Coffee Roasters
  • DC Specialty Coffee Roasters
  • Red Bean Coffee
  • Wide Open Road

Things kick off at midday and go through until 5pm. Tickets are $60 and can be booked here.

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