Events Bodriggy Brewing's Weekend of Bruno (VIC)

Bodriggy Brewing's Weekend of Bruno (VIC)
12pm 24 Mar, 2017 to 11pm 26 Mar, 2017

Why launch a beer once when you can launch it three times? It's not a question you'd need to ask Bodriggy Brewing as that's exactly what they're doing. 

This coming weekend they're adding a third beer – Bruno Bitter, a homage to a local icon – to their core range and it'll be their first to be put in cans. And on each day of the weekend they'll be hitting up a Melbourne venue to launch said beer cans in a slightly different way. 

  • March 24 – Head to the Old Bar in Fitzroy for $2 tins of Bruno and music all night
  • March 25 – Be at McCoppins Abbotsford for a carpark party featuring BBQ, live music and free Bruno served out the back of their Commodore ute
  • March 26 – A much needed recovery session at Section 8, with cheap beers to coax you into the next session

Following these events you should start to see the tinnies being made available a bit more widely around town. 

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