Boston Brewing Neapolitan Ice Cream Trio

Ice-Cream Pastry Stouts
Vanilla & Chocolate 7.0%; Strawberry 6.5%

Boston Brewing have always done things their way, and it’s a disposition that has paid off for the regional brewers as their reputation for producing quality beer that often impresses with originality is well established within the WA brewing scene.

A trio of pastry nitro stouts is their latest trick, one where they've added further intrigue and no little fun by making them comprise the classic Neapolitan ice cream flavour combo of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. All feature nitro carbonation, adding another level to the experience, as well a good hit of lactose to further boost sweetness and body.

As with ice cream, the manner in which one will enjoy this trio will come down to preference. While each does as they say on the tin – vanilla and strawberry offer nostalgic artificial flavour notes, while chocolate is textbook sweet, Dairy Milk-leaning – and also stand alone as delicious, densely-textured pastry stouts, blending is also a sound way to approach the triplet.

So, for experiment's sake – and to be thorough, of course – for this review I spent plenty of time blending away different portions of each until, well, they were all but gone. While strawberry is enticing on its own, a slosh of chocolate and some balancing vanilla made for a very decadent combination, much like the last remaining spoonful of the mostly melted, cross-pattern of Neapolitan ice-cream in the bowl. If you’re wondering, for me, about 30 percent chocolate, 50 percent strawberry and 20 percent vanilla is the sweet spot. Pun intended.

Jono Outred

Published August 16, 2023

Boston Brewing Co

678 South Coast Highway
WA 6333

(08) 9848 1555
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