Two Rupees x Hopheads Stop Smashing My Pots!

Hazy IPA

Holi is a major celebration on the Hindu calendar that's known for its vibrant and bright colours, and is there a more vibrant video game series than Zelda? Two Rupees and Hopheads have come together to create a beer inspired by both the celebration of love and connectedness while also tapping into the rich nostalgia of early journeys through the Kingdom of Hyrule.

For the uninitiated, Zelda is an adventure series about a young hero called Zelda who must save a princess and the world*. Along the way, you smash plenty of pots to gain rupees with little care for the fact somebody owns those pots, and probably wanted that money too. As for the beer, it's just as vibrant as both Holi and Hyrule with the thick, soft and golden straw haze filled with as much grapefruit, pinneaple and stone fruit as any water temple is filled with frustrating moments.

Will Ziebell

*This is a joke: I know he's Link, please don't yell at me.

Published March 25, 2024

Two Rupees Brewing

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