Two Rupees Beer

Two Rupees Brewing

Published November 18, 2022

BEER! It’s a simple name and while Two Rupees’s lager might be straightforward, there are plenty of details to sink your tastebuds into. The name stems from how beer is such a global drink, enjoyed everywhere and how generally, rather than asking someone if they’d like to grab an imperial sour, we just go, “Let’s grab a beer.”

The can comes covered in beer written in different languages from across the globe, including the two most common in brewery founders Danny and Amila’s homeland, Sinhala and Tamil. But while it might be a global drink, the recipe stays a little closer to home, with the malts and hops both from New Zealand. Crack into the multi-lingual tin and you’ll find soft touches of spice, herbal notes, bread and citrus before they quickly fade into a softly bitter and crisp finish.

Will Ziebell

Two Rupees Brewing

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