Two Rupees Hop Coma

West Coast IPA

As much as new hops get a lot of the attention when it comes to brewing, sometimes it’s best not to change classic styles too much. That's as much true for a West Coast IPA as it is for a Czech pils made with Saaz, with those beers often designed with earlier hops in mind for a reason. That’s exactly what Two Rupees have done with Hop Coma - a West Coast with the complementary "three Cs" of Centennial, Cascade and Columbus. In fortuitous timing, the beer’s been launched just as the small Melbourne operation’s online store launched.

Crack into the classic combo within Coma and you’ll find a swell of grapefruit, spiced marmalade, earthy notes, floral and a perfumey pine that’s akin to rubbing the pine needles between your hands in the forest they were found in. Add to that, the beer’s clear golden colour and bitter bite you have a classic that’s good enough to transport you back in time - and to another part of the planet for that matter.

Will Ziebell

NB: If you’d like to enjoy this beer and the rest of the Two Rupees range from the brewery, they’re hosting a welcome to summer party at their Clayton home on December 4. Details are here.

Published November 18, 2021

Two Rupees Brewing

69 Renver Road
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VIC 3168

(03) 9548 7396
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Thursday: 4pm to 9pm
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