Two Rupees Not Your Average Pilsner, Red Ale & Directors Cut NEPA

Pilsner, Red Ale & NEPA
5.2% & 5.4% & 5.5%

With a canning line installed and a home city nearing the world record for lockdowns, Two Rupees have been busy getting beer into tins, releasing three at once for September 2021. Not Your Average Pilsner is one that looks to Europe on one hand and closer to home with the other, using yeast from Melbourne-based Bluestone Yeast along with Saaz hops and German pilsner malt. It makes for a beer steeped in tradition, pouring incredibly clear with a fluffy white head, and in which a slight grainy or bready quality disappears quickly to be joined by a floral bouquet from the hops, and just the lightest touch of sulphur.

Then there’s the Red Ale, which has long appeared at the brewery’s Clayton taproom. Seeing it in a tin is a bit of a reminder of how infrequently you see a red ale (without the letter I at the front anyway) in cans. Fittingly it’s one led by the malts, where there’s really rich toffee sweetness, additional caramel and raisin (or dried plum), along with quite a bit of a bitter bite to play the balancing act.

Director’s Cut is New England pale ale and one of two hazies freshly canned at the time of writing, with Seventh Heaven – which you can read about here – having returned only to disappear from the brewery almost immediately. For Director’s Cut, there's a broad mix of fruit in force, including mango, guava, nectarine and a more berry-like flavour, all united by its soft mouthfeel.

Will Ziebell

Published September 21, 2021

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