Cornella Brewery Canyonero & Marching On Together

IPA & Yorkshire Amber Ale
6.2% & 5.0%

Craft beer's packaging often draws inspiration from popular culture. Nods to TV, classic film, sports, or simply nostalgia are part and parcel of the craft beer industry and for Cornella Brewery, their double release sees them lean into some favourites for the brewery's founders.

Craft beer fandom’s many Gen X and Elder Millennial members shouldn't need too much help remembering Canyonero, the four-wheel drive that “smells like a steak and seats 35”, begrudgingly endorsed by a celebrity clown. And what better hop combination to feature in a beer named after an exaggerated fictional icon of motoring Americana than El Dorado (which shares its name with an actual iconic automobile) and Idaho 7. The beer is suitably bitter, with strong citrus notes and a slight resinous character. A faithful American IPA, it evokes road-trip adventure through Utah’s Monument Valley or the white sands of New Mexico (don’t forget the right turn at Albuquerque) before settling in for the night with a much-deserved ale.

The reference behind Cornella's Marching On Together is more elusive. But if you do know, you’ll recognise the connection of geographic references, wording, and colours that are topped off by the Yorkshire flower - I’m told it’s a timely reference, too. Which ‘Leeds’ us to the beer that they've dubbed a Yorkshire Amber Ale and you might recognise as being a contemporary of an ESB. Its fluffy, off-white head crowns a deep amber fluid reminiscent of an American Amber ale with sweet toffee and caramel flavours while maintaining its British roots with a duo of UK-grown hops, Challenger and Mystic.

Like Laurel and Hardy, this transatlantic beer duo exudes charm and character, each bringing its own distinct personality to the table.

Daniel Ridd

Published May 3, 2024

Cornella Brewery

507 Hamblin Road
VIC 3551

03 5433 6338
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Fri to Mon: 11am to 5pm

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