Cornella Brewery Cosmic Slop & Jolly Joker

Cornella Brewery

Published March 8, 2023

These two beers from Cornella Brewery make for an odd couple. They share as many similarities as they do differences: the artwork on the labels comes from the same artist and both put hops at the fore, yet both the style and execution are nothing alike...

If the psychedelic branding on Cosmic Slop gives you a funky 70's vibe, then you’re picking up what’s been put down by the Cornella crew with the name coming courtesy of funk rock pioneers, Funkadelic. Where the name resonates most with co-founders Matt van Run and Spencer Page, though, is a connection to the Cosmic Slop nightclub in Leeds where the pair built fond memories of many chilled-out evenings. The beer is a hazy double IPA, and "slop" is, perhaps, an apt descriptor for the juicy liquid with low bitterness, a pillowy mouthfeel and tropical notes carried by the spacey duo, Galaxy and Nectaron.

Jolly Joker isn’t as much of a hop-driven beer as its counterpart but it does prominently showcase the UK variety, Jester. This imparts an earthy, floral flavour and aroma, which complements the sweet, toffee flavour of the malt. Clear and medium amber in appearance, with a clean, crisp mouthfeel and an off-white head, you’d be a fool not to try it.

Daniel Ridd

Hazy DIPA & Amber Lager
9.0% % 5.2%
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