Bridge Road B2 Bomber

Bridge Road Brewers

Released August 27, 2010

The Bridge Road crew like to make a statement with their anniversary beers and the 2010 special is no exception. A true melding of styles, the B2 Bomber is a Black Belgian IPA, bringing together darker, roasted malt varieties, a swagful of hops and a Belgian yeast variety in a quite intriguing mix. The combination of aromas when the dark-as-night beer first poured from the black-labeled champagne bottle like a huge, foam-headed espresso had Crafty confused: "A bag of rubber bands?" Further investigation revealed all manner of aromas - changing as it warmed: sugar sweetness, hints of roasted malts, some fruitiness from the Belgian yeast - even a suggestion of ripe banana. In the mouth, the "Belgian" and "IPA" elements come and go in a flash, with the dark, roasty, toasty flavours dominating and leading to a long, very dry finish underpinned by the hops. Big and bold ' in keeping with the stark labeling - and a fine addition to anyone's cellar.

Black Belgian IPA

Bridge Road Brewery

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Bridge Road Brewers

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