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Bridge Road Brewers

Released November 5, 2012

It's easy to see how the name for this beer was conceived. It's a Scotch Ale from a bar called The Scratch. That said, knowing the guys that run the Brisbane bar, it wouldn't surprise us if they actually decided they wanted a beer that sounded like crotch and worked from there... Either way, the fourth release in the Bridge Road bar series, following beers produced with Josie Bones, Beer DeLuxe and The Norfolk Hotel, is a strong Scotch Ale that's spent time soaking up the characteristics of American oak soaked in peated oaked 10-year-old Ardbeg whisky - in keeping with The Scratch team's love of beer and Scotch. According to the brewers and bar staff: "This beer has turned out exactly as planned. A big malty scotch ale, that incorporates a huge range of aromas and flavours (who needs hops?). Smokey peat, big oak, huge scotch influence and caramel/choc malt characters come together in harmony." Sounds like one to sip and savour.

Whisky Aged Scotch Ale
20ish IBU

Josie Bones

Beer DeLuxe

Norfolk Hotel ( Fremantle)

The Scratch

Archive (Brisbane)

New Sydney Hotel

[The Wheaty](/beer/ba

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