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Published March 12, 2013

You may recall a story fairly recently about a new collaborative brewing effort that crosses hemispheres. It told the tale of how Australian importer and brewer Adam Betts, from Northdown Beer, had hooked up with Christian Skovdal Andersen of Beer Here to create a series of brews. You may even have tasted the beers they put out under the joint Northdown/Bere Here banner, such as the Cool Hops lager and Victoria's Secret wheat beer. Now the pair have launched EDGE Brewing Project, a new brewing company that will release all their future beers. And, to confuse matters a little, their first release under the EDGE banner is a collaboration, this time with Bridge Road Brewers. The Waldo, which takes its name from the Waldoberry fruit that is one of around half a dozen fresh berries including mulberries and Loch Ness berries added to the beer, is a twist on Bridge Road's much loved Saison, featuring the aforementioned berries, picked fresh on the brew day, and a tweaked hop profile. The result is a fruity pink affair, with the whitest of heads, that has tonnes of berry aromas upfront, the familiar Bridge Road malt flavour to follow, although little in the way of tartness or funk. As such, it's an extremely light and approachable, summery beer, one that even has echoes of a fruity rosé wine about it. Look out for a story on The Crafty Pint later in the week about EDGE's plans for the future.

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