Bridge Road Bar Series: The Wheaty Weisse Ohne Schuss

Bridge Road Brewers

Released April 12, 2013

"At The Wheaty we love Hops. So we decided to brew a Sour." An early entry for the best raison d'etre for a beer in 2013. But would you expect anything less from the ladies at Adelaide's premiere beer, whisky and good times joint? This is the latest release in the Bridge Road Bar Series, for which the Beechworth brewery brings bar staff from the nation's leading beer venues to their home to create a beer. According to the Wheaty team, this is a beer, "to all intents and purposes, that's essentially hopless. After all, sour is the new bitter. And even if it isn't, Ben had given us a great opportunity to play with bugs - in his breweryâ?¦" Their intention was to create a "clean" sour; light, lively, tart and dry; hence this Berliner Weiss style but stripped back to bare bones - no shots of raspberry or woodruff flavoured sugar syrup to be added to this. This being a beer consisting of Pilsner and Wheat Malt and a single addition of Hersbrucker Hops this beer, meaning it's all about the bugs: a blend of ale yeast and Lactobacillus in the primary and a top-up dose of Lactobacillus in the secondary. According to Bridge Road's Ben Kraus: "This proved quite a challenging beer to produce in a relatively short time frame. However, we got there in the end with a rather impressive example of the style. The aroma of this beer is typical of a German Wheat beer, with banana and clove, suggesting something sweet awaits. However the sourness refreshes your palate and lingers just long enough to encourage you on to your next sip - an awesomely refreshing smashable drop!"

Berliner Weisse
Less than 5 IBU

April 12 at

The Wheaty

Others to follow, which are likely to include:

Josie Bones

Beer DeLuxe

Norfolk Hotel ( Fremantle)

[The Scratch](/beer/bar/the-scratch-b

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