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Published September 10, 2013

Of all the things a particularly active anti-alcohol campaigner could wish for, having a beer named in their honour is probably not that high on the list. But clearly a chap by the name of Tony Brown has been enough of a success at operating at Newcastle's one man "fun police" that in coming up with a name for the Brown Ale they've brewed with Beechworth's Bridge Road, the team at the Grain Store could think of nothing more suitable. As they told us: "This beer is quite the opposite of our local campaigner of anti-liquor, anti-pubs, anti-late-night - basically the fun police of Newcastle, so we have brewed our 6.66% Tony [his] in dis-honour."

As for the beer, it's the bar staff's favourite style - an American India Brown Ale - which means plenty of chocolate malt up front then big, zesty hops derived from an all American lineup including Falconers Flight, Chinook, Amarillo, Simcoe, Centenial and Zythos to finish things off.

American Brown Ale
60ish IBU

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