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Published April 28, 2014

The new and experimental hop lovers at Bridge Road Brewers have managed to snag a swag of the latest variety to be put into commercial production by Hop Products Australia. Enigma has been rushed through the development process, which can usually take a decade or more, faster than any other hop variety in HPA's existence. You may recall reading about it a few months ago on this site when HPA's hop breeder Simon Whittock let slip about Enigma in an interview at a time when it was still supposed to be under wraps. Proclaiming the first sampling of the hop at an early point in its development as "jaw-dropping", he said they had found it delivered "a real berry fruit, almost white wine, character". Now you can find out for yourself, with Bridge Road having used it in a New World Pilsner. Inspired by the frequently excellent New Zealand pilsners, it is a pilsner that uses the sort of hopping rates and methods brewers typically use when creating a US style Pale Ale. It is a single batch brew only, meaning there are less than 20 kegs in existence. Not all had been allocated at the time of writing so if you would like to get your hands on one get in touch with the brewery ASAPâ?¦

New World Pilsner
Bridge Road Brewers

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