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Bright Tank Brewing Co

New World Order rides upon the third wave of craft beer and delivers a modern, fruit forward pale ale. Indeed, Matt Moore suggests that this evolutionary aspect of the industry appears through the mercurial nature of the appropriately named Enigma hops, which seem to shift the profile of the beer over time along with a little help from Galaxy.

Youthful examples show a pine character that shifts to a full-blown fruity affair of ripe mango, paw paw and sweet orange once the beer has a couple of weeks of age (in the tank, obviously, we didn't sit there with a glass of beer for two weeks...). When coupled with the fine, moussey carbonation, it’s reminiscent of frozen fruity ice cream, although for balance New World Order does run medium dry with a trailing bitterness.

Guy Southern

Pale Ale
Bright Tank Brewing Co

100 Brown Street
East Perth
WA 6122

(08) 9325 7145
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