Sydney Brewery The Original Cider & Agave Ginger Cider

Sydney Brewery

Sydney Brewery is one of the few breweries around that also takes cider seriously, with both core range and seasonal offerings, not to mention a fair few gold medals garnered along the way.

The Original Sydney Cider is crystal clear and sparkles like a diamond, with just a hint of yellow in the light. It's a little like liquid bling – made from fresh crushed apples from Adelaide Hills, fermented with champagne yeast and best served in a wine glass. But, if fancy isn’t your thing, it can be as simple as you like. Just think of it as biting into a crisp apple, getting a hit of zesty tartness, and feeling the sweet juice running down your chin. It’s natural, sweet, and cleanses the palate. Think of it as the sorbet of the beverage world.

If you’d prefer more zing, there's the Agave Ginger Cider, one for which you can prepare for your tastebuds to party in Tijuana. If you’re cracking a can, make sure you swirl before you pour to bring the settled ginger into your glass. While the Sydney Cider is clear, this one should be cloudy from the flood of organic ginger juice within. Even in the aroma there’s plenty of spice, and that assertive ginger heat balances the sweetness from the apples and the organic agave syrup. Add a splash of tequila for an instant fiesta, or drink slowly over ice and lime before siesta.

Mick Wust

Apple Cider & Agave Ginger Cider
Sydney Brewery

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