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Potts Point is a creature of the night. It stretches right out into the black water, leaving the city behind and contemplating the depth of the darkness. And yet, back in the thick of things, it’s known for nightclubs, the dancing, and the bouncing and the neon lights.

Potts Point Porter shares this tendency for the darkness. It sits in the glass a thick brown, with just a glint of red around the edges. It's surprisingly nimble for a porter, neither heavy in the mouth, nor inert and one dimensional in the flavour. It leans less toward big-beefy-stout and more towards brown-ale-on-steroids.

Rich chocolate takes up the lion’s share of the mouth, but it also offers up a touch of roastiness, creamy espresso, some light nutty flavours, and almost reaches a woodiness in the background.

Potts Point Porter. The alliteration makes it all the more alluring.

Mick Wust

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