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Released January 24, 2020

When you're after a summer smasher, you want something refreshing, low on alcohol, and tasty without bringing a sledgehammer to the senses. But when the Batch crew looked around at the mid-strengths other breweries were coming out with they found almost all of them sat in a certain part of the flavour spectrum.

"We did a panel of all the mid-strength we could find, and everything was hop driven. So we wanted to do something different," is how they put it.

Into The Summer is a session ale that's yeast driven, inspired by traditional farmhouse ales while still showcasing the hops - closer to how easy-drinking beers used to be. Gentle banana and clove, tropical fruits and floral notes mingle together on the nose, but this isn't a beer you have to ponder too deeply. It's cloudy in the glass, soft in the mouth, and dry as a bone on the palate. A session ale a little different to the rest.

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