King Road Brewing Co Lager

King Road Brewing Co

“Light, clean and crisp.”

Normally there’s an intricate backstory or tale to be told about the makeup of a beer, but King Road’s Lager is as straightforward as beer gets for head brewer Steve Wearing. So it’s little surprise that his Australian-style offering has quickly become a crowd favourite at the venue, because when you invite 500 people in each day, the majority will be very familiar with such a beer.

In keeping things True Blue, KR Lager uses all Aussie ingredients, including Pride of Ringwood hops for that oh so light, clean and crisp taste.

Guy Southern

Australian Lager
King Road Brewing Co

796 King Road
WA 6121

0455 030 547
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Monday: 11am to 6pm Tues: Closed
Wed & Thurs: 11am to 6pm
Friday: 11am to 10pm
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Sunday: 11am to 8pm