King Road Brewing Beedelup Pilsner

King Road Brewing Co

Published November 10, 2022

Discovered growing wild, then nurtured by Preston Valley Hops, the hop variety featured in the small grower's latest colleb with King Road Brewing carries unique provenance in an age of proprietary hop production. With space to showcase across King Road’s classy, clear, flaxen base beer, this hoppy Eliza Doolittle’s character is more delicate than most may assume.

The Beedelup hops lend the beer notes similar to the noble varieties of Europe, with hints of banana bread, vanilla, spice, and soft citrus merging with the light bready, crisp pilsner. Though thoroughly refined, Beedelups’s lingering rustic hoppiness offers a reminder that this is the result of human hands.

Guy Southern

Single Hop Pilsner
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