Staves Hole Molé Nitro Chocolate Milk Stout

Staves Brewery

Released September 3, 2020

The first time I tasted Mexican hot chocolate, it was a particularly intense experience - my tastebuds took a battering and my face didn’t know how to react. Since when does hot chocolate make my mouth hurt??

If you’re hesitant to try a chilli chocolate beer, rest assured: while Holy Molé contains some of the ingredients that give Mexican hot chocolate its complex flavours (bittersweet chocolate, Ancho chilli, vanilla pods and cinnamon), it isn’t a tastebud-battering experience. The main characters coming through are smooth chocolate with a hint of vanilla and a rounded bitterness; cinnamon and chilli do show up, but only by slowly building over time. The blanketing effect of the creamy nitro foam tempers the spice, but allows a subtle warmth to grow in your chest as you drink.

Overall, this is surprisingly easy to drink, and you may find that one isn’t enough.

Mick Wust

Nitro Stout
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