Six String Pinoy Fiesta

Six String Brewing

Released March 11, 2021

They know how to throw a party in the Philippines. My wife and I lucked out while taking our time moving to Melbourne back in 2008, spending a few days on the tiny island of Malapascua either side of the Sinulog Festival. Despite measuring a mere 2.5km by 1km and with only a few thousand inhabitants, the island became a riot of colour and noise (memories embellished by the laughing cops posing for my camera while chowing down on BBQ skewers, rifles casually pointing skywards from their hips).

Presumably it's this sort of vibe that's inspired Pinoy Fiesta, a pineapple gose from Six String with party bunting strung across the cans. It's one they've translated in a manner more subtle than some of the performances on those Malapascuan streets; where many "sours" today taste like little more than fruity soft drinks that get you tipsy, here the balance leans towards the salt through the aroma, flavour and texture. Sure, the pineapple is present yet lean – not juicy or sticky like those bags of freshly chopped chunks you can pick up for peanuts on Filipino streets – with a little citric souring tang for company.

It makes for a laid-back affair, as refreshing as that moment the afternoon heat and festivities become too much and you slip into the nearby ocean for a dip. (Hmmm, maybe the closed borders are getting to me....)

James Smith

Pineapple Gose
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