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Lost Palms Brewing

Published September 22, 2022

My first introduction to this beer was a poster at Lost Palms – not a normal poster, but a lost dog poster with those tear-off slips at the bottom. (So I tore one off, because why wouldn’t you?)

It wasn’t until a later date that I actually met Lost Dog Named Mango. It’s a collab between Lost Palms and BrewDog, with the label artwork showing the Brisbane city skyline and a busy Gold-Coast-esque beach.† If you look very carefully at the scene, you can find the dog Mango hiding among the beachgoers. But don’t feel bad if you can’t find it; not all of us were experts at Where’s Wally? when we were young.

This fruited oat cream IPA is crazily opaque, like mango nectar cut with pulpy orange juice. It’s stuffed with modern hops, fruit and lactose, and it drinks almost like a breakfast juice concentrate: thick and sweet and a little acidic. I was surprised to get a little bitterness at the end, but with as much sweet fruit in the mouth as Lost Dog has, the bitterness is well placed.

Mick Wüst

† Brisbane city does actually have its own beach, but it’s definitely smaller than the one on this label.

Fruited Oat Cream IPA

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