Bonehead Brewing Business Time & Elation 2023

Bonehead Brewing

Published January 21, 2023

There’s always a lot of cheer and celebration taking place at Bonehead Brewing but it looks like there’s that little bit more at the moment. Business Time is a celebration New Zealand, its hops and one of its greatest pop culture exports: Flight of the Conchords. If you don’t know the song and scene, here it is, whereas the hops are the much-loved Motueka, Moutere and Nelson Sauvin. Those hops bring a mix of grapefruit and gooseberry with further citrus zest part of proceedings, while the beer’s lean and bitter side make it one refreshing bit of business.

Elation meanwhile, is a Bonehead classic that's released each year and brewed for those celebratory moments that are best shared. Much like its predecessors, 2023’s a mixed culture sour that was fermented in stainless steel before being aged in French oak and dry-hopped. Find the right moment (but remember that celebrations can have a low bar) and you’ll find ripe pawpaw and rockmelon, citrus and stone fruit with a funky sourness that cuts through the beer’s textural mouthfeel.

Will Ziebell

NZ Pilsner & Barrel Aged Sour
5.4% & 5.5%
Bonehead Brewing

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