Stomping Ground Hallion

Stomping Ground Brewing Co

Published March 17, 2023

2022 was a bog year for Oktoberfest beers and celebrations in Australia, is 2023 the year of St Paddy’s Day? Maybe, or maybe it’ll be 2024 with just a small number of craft breweries ensuring there is the goodness of a locally-made option when anyone walks into a pub asking for a big black pint.* Stomping Ground’s nod to the classic seems a little extra cheeky with the Hallion name literally being Irish slang for rascal or scoundrel.

The Irish dry stout is dosed with nitro and watching it pour with a thick, creamy and slightly off-white creamy head makes me want to read a big and bright book on world records. Dive in like you're a toucan coming down from a great height and you’ll find rich espresso, tobacco and dark chocolate notes rounded off by a dry finish.

*Kudos to Stomping Ground for crashing this beautiful bonus track from You Am I’s Dress Me Slowly back into my consciousness.

Will Ziebell

Irish Dry Stout
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