Felons Brewing x Rosie Woods Supreme Lager

Felons Brewing Co

Published May 8, 2023

Felons have been partnering with local visual artists since before they opened, and they haven’t taken a break since. From looming murals to colourful barrels, they’ve thrown open the doors for all kinds of creativity and beauty to infuse their space (and if you asked them, they’d probably say it infuses the beer, too).

As Brisbane Street Art Festival rolls around again, the Felons team has brewed another collab beer: this time, a German pilsner with artist Rosie Woods, whose murals give the impression of giant ribbons billowing and weaving through space. She’s to credit for the pleasing label art that makes Supreme Lager so eye-catching.

Not unlike Rosie’s murals, which take plenty of time and energy and careful concentration to paint but are then easy to look at, German pilsners take careful consideration to make, but when done well, they’re extremely drinkable. (And, actually, they too are easy on the eyes.)

Supreme Lager is gorgeously bright with mesmerising streams of bubbles rising like tiny helium balloons. The noble hops bring a delicate spice and light grassy character, but it’s the smooth malt breadiness and flowing bitterness that stay with you.

You can check out the Brisbane Street Art Festival timetable here – there’ll be a party at the Felons Barrel Hall on Saturday May 20 to wrap up the festival in style.

Mick Wüst

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