The lager renaissance is real! You'll find craft brewers all over the country looking to perfect pilsners, hone helles and deliver dunkels.

Here at the Lager Lounge, we're giving Juicy attendees a taste of how much variety can be found within the once-maligned world of lagers. Click on the images below to learn about the brewers and the beers we've chosen for the occasion, then scroll down to learn more about lagers in the articles linked below.

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If you're enjoying the diversity on offer in the Lager Lounge – the old and new world pilsners, the Munich-style helles, and the traditionally-minded darker dunkel – then here's some articles to take your understanding deeper.

  • The Lager Renaissance – How and why lagers are starting to reclaim a place in the hearts of Aussie brewers and drinkers, featuring Mountain Culture, Heads of Noosa and Fermentis by Lesaffre.
  • Bubbling Up: The Rise of Craft Lagers – Interviews with brewers at Balter, Eagle Bay, Ballistic, Edge Brewing Project and Pirate Life about why they love lagers and the challenges in brewing great examples.
  • The Perfect Pour: The Art Of The Side-Pull – Brewers and venues across Australia – including Range – have started using Czech taps designed to pour the perfect pilsner.
  • Getting Blind With Crafty: Pale Lagers II – In May 2021, we put dozens of Australian pale lagers to the test in a blind tasting by an expert panel.
  • Drinking In Style: Pale Lagers – One from the vaults, in which we traced the history of pale lagers from their very earliest, pre-pale days right up until the modern era.