Crafty Dozen – October 2019

October 31, 2019, by Crafty Pint

Crafty Dozen – October 2019

Such has been the nature of recent weeks, we've overshot the mark again, adding more than a dozen new listings to the site before we knew it. Given we like to wrap them up in nice, round dozens, we figure we should recap the new arrivals to hit since August before we get too far into the next lot.

Below, you'll find award-winning, environmentally-conscious brewers, brewpubs from both coasts and points in between, pubs that know how to be pubs, a riotous beer bar in a beachside holiday destination and more besides.

There's also some choice offers for members of The Crafty Cabal, our beer lovers bonus scheme, which has currently got some signup gifts going too. You can also find full listings for all twelve – and access the offers for those that have them – via the free Crafty Pint app. We've just relaunched it, with improvements, heaps more venues to unearth when you're out and about, and integration of the Cabal.

You can download it from both the App Store and Google Play and there's no catch: it's a free and sweet addition to your phone to help you find good beer, breweries, venues, bottleshops and events.

Catchment Brewing Co (QLD) – Catchment have been brewing and pouring beers at their colourful brewpub home in Brisbane's West End for a number of years now. But, with a new look, new beers and their first cans hitting the market, they're looking to spread their wings a little further nowadays.  Crafty Cabal Member offer at Catchment Brewing Co: FREE Pot!

Kekou (VIC) – For all the advances beer has made in the world of dining, there's still few places that put beer on the same pedestal as wine, let alone one of its own. At Kekou in Richmond, however, that's what you'll find with their exquisite South East Asian-inspired dishes ready to be paired with 18 taps of beers. 

One Drop Brewing (NSW) – They've created their own eco-friendly cartons, won a stack of golds pretty much as soon as they opened, run one of the most welcoming brewery venues in Sydney, are top folks, and have even collaborated with Botany neighbours Kellogg. Not bad for a brewery less than a year old...  Crafty Cabal Member offer at One Drop Brewing Co: FREE Tasting Paddle!

Prince Alfred, Port Melbourne (VIC) – Pubs / inns / taverns – call them what you like, but they've been bringing people together successfully for centuries. The Prince Alfred team have hooked into all the things that have made that the case, turning an old pub that was getting rundown into a cracking example of what one should be in 2019. 

Darleen's Taphouse (WA) – As we said in the write up, if you were kidnapped, blindfolded and then dropped in this venue, you'd swear you were in a bar in one of the cooler suburbs of a major city. Instead, this Rocky Ridge offshoot is in Busselton and is as fun a craft beer bar you'll find anywhere. 

Bells Beach Brewing (VIC) – After years operating as a contract brewing company, Bells Beach – brainchild of a pair of expat Brits living on the Surf Coast – moved into its own digs at the end of 2018. While you can find their cans ever further afield across their home state, the best place to try them out is at the bar in Torquay, in the shadow of the tanks.  Crafty Cabal Member offer at Bells Beach Brewing: FREE Tasting Paddle!

Freo.Social (WA) – Otherside Brewing Co was born of a desire to recreate the music festival vibe in beer form, so little surprise the team behind the brewery would open a live music venue. They've done it in style too, taking over Freo's former Artillery Drill Hall and putting in a top notch band room. There's beer gardens, food trucks and a microbrewery too, one that knocks out a brand new beer every Friday.

Oxford Tavern (NSW) – From "live hot girls" to "live hot BBQ", The Tav in Petersham has been given an overhaul by new owners. They're the team behind The Taphouse in Darlo so know their stuff and, as well as giving the pub a reboot, have brought in Bucket Boys to run a bottleshop for them.

Hemingway's Brewery, Cairns Wharf (QLD) – The Hemingway's Brewery team have been building fast since opening their first brewpub in Port Douglas. Now their main venue is the vast brewery venue on the waterfront in Cairns, one where most production takes place; their pilsner took out an AIBA trophy in 2019 too.

Whitelakes Brewing (WA) – The drive from Perth to the breweries of the state's southwest is gradually being filled with more good beer spots over time, including this award-winning brewery with well-travelled brewer Sean Symons at the helm and a pub across the road offering visitors two choices on where to drink: in the very modern taproom or a the more traditional British boozer.

Republic Tavern (VIC) – Normally, hotel bars wouldn't be the first place to spring to mind if you're after a top quality hospo experience. But hotel bars aren't usually like the one at the Mantra in Epping. There's an in-house Smart Brew system filling half of their 20 taps, other local crafties on most of the others, and plenty more to lure you in too.

Bevy Brewing Co (WA) – Much noise was made about Gage Roads securing pouring rights at Perth's Optus Stadium. Scour the taps at The Camfield, the megapub nearby, and you'll some beers brewed on-site there too. Former Creatures brewer Andy Scade is at the helm, producing sessionable core range beers and more adventurous seasonals under the Bevy banner, one of Lion's growing number of offshoot brands.

You can find the previous Crafty Dozen update from August here. To find out more about listing in our directories, get in touch.

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