Batch Brewing Co DJ Jazzy Ginger & The Zest Prince

Batch Brewing Co

Released September 29, 2017

They love a good pun at the Batch Brewing Company, and never more than when it involves a a hip hop reference; 2 Peach Shakur, Mango Mathers and HopFace Fillah – all the big names get a beer here. The latest in the lineage is a throwback to the 90s ft. DJ Jazzy Ginger & The Zest Prince. And it's a ginger and lemon sour ale.

Pouring a pale yellow with a little haze, it throws up big aromas of ginger just like a ginger beer – as in the non alcoholic kind – which, if nothing else, makes it immediately inviting. On the palate you get some of the ginger spice before the citrus firmly grabs the mic, teaming up with Cascade hops to lift the fruitiness and deliver a refreshing and quenching beer with a spritzy and tart finish.

Nick O

Sour Ale
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