Batch Brewing Co. The Dank IPA

Batch Brewing Co

Released October 24, 2017

After making its first appearance as the official beer of Sydney Craft Beer Week a couple of years back, The Dank IPA is back for SBW ’17. A double IPA, it is obviously and by necessity, hugely hoppy. The way in which they’ve pulled it all together you feel a real depth and density to the way it drinks; chewy, resinous and bitter with a slightly peppery edge. But there’s also just a touch of sweetness which helps maintain the balance – inasmuch as a big, brash and hoppy beast of a beer can be. For comparison’s sake, Batch's similarly large Trippy Hippy XXPA is a cleaner and more straight-up fruity affair whereas The Dank IPA is, well, dank. And if that’s the kind of beer you like, this is a beer you’ll like.

Nick O

Double IPA
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