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Before the launch of Philter’s third beer, the rumour around town was that this was going to be a “classic Aussie” kind of beer. The previous two can designs featured bands of blue and gold, then red and gold, so it seemed almost a given that this was going to be green and gold. What could be more Aussie than that? Instead, it was a totally new colour scheme, as if someone had put the XPA through the “inverse colour” option on MS Paint, featuring a thick gold band and a dark blue colour scheme, as opposed to the usual white. [And looking rather reminiscent of the "Australian lager" popular overseas that no Aussie actually drinks, perhaps – Editor]

The beer inside came as almost as much as a surprise. These days, IPAs seem to feature among the early releases from a brewery, but instead Philter had opted for what can be one of the most time consuming and challenging beers to brew well – a lager.

Clean, crisp and easy-drinking, it ticks all the typical lager boxes. Then, there’s a little bit of excitement added – a darker than usual golden hue, a bit of bitterness and flavours that are floral, a little fruity and spicy too. The lager yeast is also a prominent flavour, offering a hint of sweetness and a dry finish.

It’s a beer that bridges the gap between craft aficionado and VB drinking Dad, because while its beauty lies hidden beneath its simplicity, it’s that simplicity that makes it beautiful.

Marie Claire Jarratt

30 IBU
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