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Released March 27, 2018

Still trying to figure out what an XPA is? Never mind, we’ve moved on. Exhibit A: You Enjoy Myself, a Farmhouse XPA from the Batch Brewing Company.

This beer is some kind of mixture of a saison and really hoppy pale ale – a super dry-hopped saison, if you will – which greets you with aromas mainly concerning peppery spice and a little lemon. But it’s the palate where most of the action is, with a huge hit of hops delivering punchy flavours of citrus zest of lemon, orange and grapefruit plus a a bitterness that’s substantial but not so big that it destroys the good work done by the other characters. And, boy, is this thing hazy, looking just like the kind of turbid soup that fans of the New England IPA style covet – in fact, with so much hop action it doesn’t feel too far off a NEIPA.

You Enjoy Myself is outside a recognised style, ridiculously on trend and ultimately rather delicious.

Nick O

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