Batch Brewing Co 2 Strainz Triticale Sour

Batch Brewing Co

Released December 6, 2018

Fruited sours have become quite the thing at the Batch Brewing Company. They usually have at least one pouring at any given time, often more – especially in summer. In the past they’ve added everything from passionfruit to raspberries to currants, but this latest one’s a little different. Why? It’s got no added fruit at all.

2 Strainz is a triticale sour, so named for the triticale strain of grain which is a hybrid of wheat and rye. The beer itself is pale, slightly hazy and, for something that’s got no fruit in it, pretty darn fruity. Specifically it’s got loads of citrus fruit character, derived from the Cascade and Ella hops grown by their friends at NSW growers Ryefield, which bring a lovely zesty quality.

On the whole, the beer sits very comfortably within the broad boundaries that characterise Batch’s wider sour beer program: nicely puckering, wholly approachable and decidedly refreshing.

Nick Oscilowski

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