Endeavour James Blonde

Endeavour Tap Rooms

Released March 22, 2019

When staff member Andy won the naming rights for a beer in Endeavour’s Something with Staff series, he didn’t hesitate: “James Blonde.” And that’s how this Belgian blonde style beer ended up on tap #7 in the Endeavour Tap Rooms. Or rather, tap 007.

James Blonde is as smooth and classy as you’d expect, designed to be a cross between Leffe Blond and La Chouffe. Dressed in a naturally hazy suit of golden orange and a stark white hat (this would be a terrible clothing choice for James Bond, so it’s time to drop the whimsical metaphor), this beer is delicate in aroma, but powerful in flavour. The coriander seed used in the boil brings some orange zest character to the fruity esters, and all of this is carried by a rich malt sweetness.

As often used in Belgian blonde ales, the inclusion of table sugar boosts the ABV and adds to that hearty Belgian strong ale quality. A dry finish keeps the sticky sweetness from becoming overpowering, with just a little biscuity flavour and alcohol warmth lingering.

For your mouth only.

Mick Wust

Belgian Blonde Ale
25 IBU
Endeavour Tap Rooms

39-43 Argyle Street
The Rocks
Sydney 2000

(02) 9241 6517
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