Endeavour Brewing Hoppy Days XPA

Endeavour Tap Rooms

Released January 22, 2020

Hoppy Days tastes like the first rain after a dry spell.

It pours a lemony gold, looking more like a pale lager than most XPAs, which is the first hint at a refreshing drinking experience. And it certainly delivers on this promise - high carbonation, a full fluffy head, semi-dry on the palate and a clean finish all make this a beer that sinks faster than your sunnies when you drop them in the pool.

But unlike a pale lager Hoppy Days hits you with Galaxy hop aromas before you even raise it to your mouth. Passionfruit and fresh, zingy citrus spill out of the glass, rocketing this beer to flavour country. Between the crisp drinking, the hop characters and the grainy malt flavour in the mouth, this sessionable XPA drinks like a bangin’ IPL.

Mick Wust

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