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Released January 22, 2020

Summer in Australia seems to be dominated by cricket. People who follow cricket throw around terms like “big bash” and “sandpapergate” and people like me just have to nod along and pretend to understand. But there’s one thing I do know about cricket - watching a Test match is really an exercise in long days of taking it slow with a few beers, interspersed with moments of concentration and excitement. (I assume playing in a Test match is similar, albeit minus the beers.)

Rockstar Pale Ale seems to be a beer designed for watching the cricket. It’s an easy-drinker that invites lazy days in the heat and doesn’t expect much from you. But give it a moment of concentration and you’ll find the malt and hop flavours working together like players who all know their position on the team - an undercurrent of sweetness carrying the tropical fruits and bitterness where they need to go.

Mick Wust

Pale Ale
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