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Published June 16, 2019

Sydney coffee institution Campos is a household name in the Inner West, with their Newtown outpost having helped thousands of bleary-eyed students of the University of Sydney survive their studies (or maybe that’s just me.) Similarly, Batch share a similar level of fame when it comes to beer, so it’s only natural for these two to collaborate to create a delicious yet simple milk stout.

Using a variant of Elsie the Milk Stout as the base, the beer is brewed with whole coffee beans from Campos Superior Blend, giving it an unmistakable coffee kick in both aroma and flavour, but without being overly strong. The dark roasted flavours of both beer and coffee play off one another, with deeper complexity in hints of sweet caramel and dried fruit. It’s silky and smooth, thanks to the additions of flaked oats and lactose, as well as being nitrogenated - which requires the typical, vigorous vertical pour. Despite what sounds like a complicated beer, it’s easy to drink, perfectly bridging that awkward gap between coffee time and beer time.

Marie Claire Jarratt

Nitro Coffee Milk Stout
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