Felons Brewing Co Belgian Dubbel

Felons Brewing Co

Published August 27, 2019

With Brisbane’s brief spring fast approaching, the Felons are getting their last licks of winter in with a classic Belgian-inspired dark beer. The Dubbel pays homage to the patron saint of beer, Saint Arnold, who saved lives during the medieval era by insisting people drink beer as opposed to disease-ridden water. Fortunately, that kind of motivation isn’t required to sample this particular drop.

A love letter to the Trappists, the Dubbel is a deep russet in colour with a caramel head. Felon’s first yeast driven beer, the beer also exhibits strong yeast spice notes on the nose that follow throughout the beer, accentuated by noble hop characters. Banana and clove are prominent and integrate harmoniously with the malty backbone. At 8 percent ABV, it calls to mind grandma’s Christmas pudding when she was a little too liberal with the brandy.

It's a beer to delight those who recall the days of scouring obscure bottleshops in search of a Westmalle Dubbel.

Mitch Wilkins

Belgian Dubbel
25 IBU

Pouring at the Felons brewpub

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