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Published November 14, 2019

Talk about giving away the ending...

The collaborators on this spin on Boston Brewing's popular Afterglose have stuck with the: "If it’s good, then double will be twice as good, right?" methodology for what started out as a new beer for Fremantle Beer Fest. It’s a sentiment that can deliver diminishing returns, especially when messing with beloved beers, but that's not the case here: Double Afterglose is a success and a dangerous one at that.

Raspberries are bright, there's an implied creaminess, a plump mouthfeel and just a hint of the 8 percent ABV booze warmth as the sweet / salt / acid dance plays out in an infinitely refreshing fashion. Possibly too refreshing, as Cellarbrations Carlisle owner Adam O’Brien, a man whose blood is 10 percent ABV hop resin, sagely warns...

"One can is delicious and by the second can…" he says, his words trailing off with a smile.

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