Red Hill A Crazy American Lost In Belgium

Red Hill Brewery

Published November 15, 2019

Having just written, ooh, five minutes ago about how Red Hill had resisted playing around and bastardising their classically-inspired Belgian strong golden ale Temptation for contemporary times, we come to this: a bastardisation of a classically-inspired Belgian strong golden ale for contemporary times. How very meta...

This Trump-coated beer was first released at GABS 2018 and combines the hopping rates of an American IPA with an estery Belgian golden ale base. It's back in cans for 2019 and delivers on its twin promises, with heaps of citrusy, floral hops at play with some light spices atop a slightly sweet beer in which the dryness from the Belgian yeast combines with the bitterness from the hops, yet in a manner that doesn't overpower the beer's fruity nature.

James Smith

Belgian IPA
Red Hill Brewery

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