Heads of Noosa IPL

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co

Released February 1, 2020

Many a lager drinker has walked into a craft brewery to find there were no lagers on tap. Are Heads of Noosa now going to get revenge on IPA drinkers by not offering anything for hopheads? Thankfully, they’re not that petty, making an India Pale Lager to appeal to those who walk into the taproom looking for something hoppy.

For a filtered lager - that is, one that’s been stripped of much of the dry-hopping content - the IPL is bursting with hop character. A clean malt body acts as a blank canvas where the hops can paint their masterpiece: honeydew, lychee, and that watermelon rind freshness wash over the palate like waves over the sand, before subsiding and leaving a slight earthiness.

Mick Wust

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co

85 Rene Street
QLD 4566

1300 1 HEADS
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