Indian Ocean Blueberry pHuzz

Indian Ocean Brewing

Published September 17, 2020

North of Perth, the Indian Ocean brewers are playing with reclaimed fruit and sours, all with the bakery in mind. Using a new Philly sour yeast, 80 kilograms of blueberry seconds from Regan’s Ford farm in Gin Gin, and bourbon-soaked Madagascan vanilla pods, the Indi team aimed to create a sour that “tastes like a Danish", but without using lactose.

And to a degree, their Blueberry pHuzz does. However, there’s also an earthy element and fruit tannins throughout the super clean expression, which leans tarter and jammier than sour.

It's set to be the first in their pastry sour series, with Cherry pHuzz next to leave the brewery.

Guy Southern

Blueberry Sour
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