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Published December 16, 2020

The Rip is a rather deadly stretch of water that serves as the entrance to Port Phillip Bay from Bass Coast where large tidal flows into a narrow channel of water, plus a high rocky seabed, has led to the undoing of many who have tried to traverse it. Queenscliff Brewery’s The Rip might draw its name from that dangerous passage in Australia but stylistically, it’s inspired by Germany.

The Helles lager is as clean and straightforward as they come, where light floral hops and a slightly biscuity malt steamer things while a building bitterness washes across the beer’s finish. Just don’t drink it and go for a dip in The Rip. Actually, maybe don’t swim in there at all...

Will Ziebell

Helles Lager
Queenscliff Brewhouse

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