Vale Brewing Australian Spiced Rum Porter

Vale Brewing

Published May 5, 2021

These days, Vale Brewing occupy a handy spot, nestled under the roof of a beverage company that produces cordials, ciders, juices, gin, wine, bourbon, rum, tequila and brandy among other drinks. Therefore, when it comes to limited release time, there's no shortage of products to integrate into the recipes. Summer 2020 saw them add gin to a sour beer base; for autumn 2021 they've cracked open another bottle of spirits. This time it's to create a Beenleigh Spiced Rum Porter, with the spiced rum added during fermentation.

If you're buying this beer expecting a big rum barrel-aged porter, then you're buying it for the wrong reasons. Instead, the spiced rum is subtle, popping up for an appearance late on the back palate, where it adds warmth and a little spice rather than anything overtly rum like to the beer's dusty milk chocolate flavours. For a 4.5 percent ABV porter, the beer possesses a silky creaminess, with the result a classic English porter with a booster shot of spiced rum warmth to prepare us for the cold winter ahead.

Matt King

Spiced Rum Porter
Vale Brewing

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