Ocean Reach Tropical XPA

Ocean Reach Brewing

Full disclosure: we share the same graphic designer as Ocean Reach so we may well be biased, but with their Tropical XPA it's worth mentioning the outside as well as the inside. Why? The label design made the top ten in the inaugural GABS Can Design Awards in 2020.

But what of the beer lurking inside? Ours poured with a big head that soon dissipated to leave a beer with low carbonation in which a fair smorgasbord of fruits wallow: there's strawberries and red berries to taste, as well as riper, sweeter tropical fruits. Next to no bitterness in combination with the low bitterness makes for one soft as beer juice too.

James Smith

Ocean Reach Brewing

47 Thompson Avenue
VIC 3922

(03) 5952 5274
Open Hours

Wed to Fri: 4pm to 9pm
Saturday: 11.45pm to 9pm
Sunday 11.45 pm to 4pm

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