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Released July 23, 2021

There's two very different hoppy beers available from Batch at the moment (actually knowing Batch, there's probably quite a few more - but here's a couple we've tried).

Sitting at a petite 1.25 percent ABV - that’s just 0.3 standard drinks per tinnie - All Time Low is Batch’s way of giving a lighter alternative to other beers. Rather than aiming for the lager or hoppy pale ale flavour profiles of other low alcohol beers, All Time Low is more in the amber ale camp. It pours a reddish hue and gives off big biscuity and grainy malt aromas tied together, with Galaxy hops giving the floral sweetness of dried stonefruit - think of the apricot fruit roll-ups of your childhood and you’re on the right track. The flavour is softer than the aroma but still quite robust compared to many other low alcohol beers, with a decent mouthfeel and smooth biscuity aftertaste.

Then there's Autumn Dawn, which is a reminder that though hops get all the attention nowadays, something beautiful can be born by paying a good level of attention to the malt in an IPA. Presenting reddy brown with a ruby glint in the light, Autumn Dawn India Red Ale is the glorious meeting of malt and hops - the clash of swords between two heroes, the zing of lightsabers making contact, the moment the couple run into each other’s arms at the airport. On the nose, the malts bring the toasted caramel together with the rose petals and citrus peel from the hops; in the mouth, a chewy body and toffee sweetness hold up the piney bitterness that knocks out the delicate florals. Then there’s a touch of spice, a zap of bitter orange, and a slow fade to black.

Mick Wust

Ultra Low Session Ale & India Red Ale
1.25% & 6.6%
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