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Shelter Brewing

Published January 28, 2022

For their first limited release of 2022, Bussleton’s Shelter Brewing partnered with the fashion outfit Highs And Lows to create a modern Australian take on a classic European style. Table Sour uses peaches and saltbush sourced from WA in a beer designed to be shared with good food and company, with a tart enough edge to cut through any meal yet sessionable enough to keep the conversation on track.

At 2.4 percent ABV, it’s hard to think of many social occasions where Table Sour wouldn’t fit right in, and although the alcohol level might be towards the lower limits, this peach sour shows how a limited ABV doesn't have to equal a limited amount of flavour or mouthfeel. There's quite a distinct air of salinity too, as if it’s captured some of WA’s expansive coastline, with fresh peach, a floral edge, citrus zest, and a lingering acidic touch completing the picture.

Will Ziebell

Table Sour
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